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Solar Loans Now Available!

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Simple Solar Financing

WPCCU is committed to help cut carbon pollution by advancing solar deployment and energy efficiency. We have partnered with Dividend Solar to connect our members with quality-driven solar installers and a competitive low rate solar loan.

Going Solar is as easy as:

  • Complete and submit the form on
  • Our local program partner will call to conduct an introductory phone consultation
  • Next is a detailed in person proposal presentation
  • Sign agreements
  • Site Survey – Week after contract
  • Get your solar system installed
  • Live happily knowing you’re doing your part in producing renewable electricity

Everyone is doing it! Over 750,000 Californians are reaping all of the benefits of solar ownership including: lower cost of electricity, going green, and feeling good about making the world a better place for generations to come. By going green, you'll lower your cost of electricity. You become part of the solution - you're no longer a consumer, you're a producer. 

Many homeowners who are interested in going solar aren’t sure whether they can afford it and may not be aware that they can finance a new home solar system. Solar financing helps homeowners affordably pay for solar, while potentially paying less for electricity than under their current, traditional utility plan. As a result, not only will homeowners help the environment, but they save money, too.

WPCCU provides members with a way to go solar with a fixed, 3.99% APR* low rate loan up to 20 years. A solar loan allows you to borrow money to buy your solar system outright. Unlike a lease, once you pay off the loan you own the system and can benefit from its electricity generation for as long as your system lasts. 

Learn more about the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)?

The federal solar ITC allows qualified U.S. homeowners who purchase solar energy systems to claim a 30 percent credit on their federal income taxes in the year they buy their systems.2 Congress renewed the ITC in 2016, but it may not be around forever as federal policies change. Moreover, it is set to decrease over time, so if you’re thinking about solar, you should consider it now. 

Take advantage of the federal solar ITC today! Call 949.346.3436 or visit

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. 3.99% APR shown as of 8/1/18 and is for qualified members. Actual rates may vary based on member's credit score and ability to pay. Projected payments are for example only and are not inclusive of all fees and costs. Rep example: A $20,000 solar loan financed at 3.99% APR for 144 months would result in a minimum payment of $126.32. Property must be a single family home or multi-family property (1-4 units) owned by applicant(s). Rates subject to change without notice. Borrower must provide copy of valid purchase order or invoice for solar loan financing. Minimum $5,000 financing. Available for properties in California only. WPCCU membership required.

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