Cash Rewards Mastercard

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Cash back, Jack

No TED talk required here. Pay a low interest rate tied to the bank prime rate, plus a small margin. Earn Cash Rewards of 2% on any new net retail purchase amount. The amount of cash rewards you can earn is unlimited and paid monthly. Some basic criteria applies, like:

  • Your Cash Rewards Mastercard has been activated and is not closed
  • Retail purchases made with the Cash Rewards Mastercard at an eligible merchant
  • Retail purchases are made for personal items or services, not as or for a business
  • You are not delinquent on any WPCCU loan
  • Other criteria apply, see terms and conditions 

If you pay your balance in full within the 25-day billing cycle, you will not be charged interest on your purchases. That’s right, a Cash Rewards Mastercard can effectively be a 0% Annual Percentage Rate loan for 25-days while it pays you 2% cash of qualifying purchases. Ka-ching!

Tip the scales in your favor

Your WPCCU Cash Rewards Mastercard has either lower or no fees that others charge a lot for. Shop and compare carefully, looking beyond just the interest rate. Your Cash Rewards Mastercard has no annual fee, no balance transfer fee, no minimum interest charge and no cash advance fee. You are charged just $10 for a payment that is 10 days or more past due. A returned payment has a charge of just $20.

A card with some flex

There is a lot you can purchase with our generous credit limits. Combine this with the extraordinary value of competitive interest rate and no or low fees and your Cash Rewards Mastercard will be your first and smart choice every time you shop or are out and about.

Zero liability and identity theft protection coverage included, free

All WPCCU Mastercards use micro-computer chip technology that provides increased security capability when used at a physical store that uses the appropriate chip reading equipment. Additionally, with Mastercard’s Zero Liability coverage, you are automatically protected against unauthorized transactions made in a store, over the phone, online, from a mobile device or ATM. And with Mastercard ID Theft Protection, you have the tools to help detect and resolve identify theft.

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