Cash Rewards Platinum Mastercard Terms & Conditions


Earn Cash Rewards of 2% of any new net retail purchase amount (qualifying purchases only, less credits, returns and adjustments) charged to the Mastercard Cash Rewards card each billing cycle. To be eligible for Cash Rewards, your Credit Card must be activated and purchases must be made at an eligible merchant.


Fractions are truncated at the 100th decimal place and are subject to verification. Balance transfers, cash advances (including purchases of money orders or other cash equivalents), purchases made by or for a business or for business purposes, interest charges, unauthorized/fraudulent transactions and certain other charges (i.e. mortgage payments, late payment fees), do not earn Cash Rewards.

Cash Rewards are posted monthly.

No Cash Rewards will be credited if the account is closed, or for members who are delinquent on a WPCCU credit card or loan. Rewards will also not accumulate on fraudulent charges or for members who are part of any bankruptcy settlement. In the event of any of the above instances, cash rewards will not be credited to your account in December, and will be held until the following schedule annual distribution date, if your account is eligible at that date.

Accrual for Cash Rewards will begin on the date the first purchase is made under the current rewards program. No retroactive Cash Rewards will be awarded. The amount of Cash Rewards a card holder can earn is unlimited.  

Neither WPCCU, nor our service providers, are responsible for inaccuracies in Cash Rewards accrual due to computer error, late or incorrect data submissions, or any incurred loss that may arise in connection with the use of these services. Neither WPCCU, nor our service providers, are responsible for the performance by any merchant, service provider, or common carrier. WPCCU reserves the right to cancel or suspend the 

Cash Rewards program at any time and for any reason. Cash Rewards have no cash value.  

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