Board of Directors and Executive Team

We make it work for you

WPCCU is run by people, for people. It starts at the top, with your volunteer Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee and our professional Executive Leadership Team.

Board of directors

Gladys Berry  - Chair

Craig Luna - 1st Vice Chair

Venest Henry-Evans - 2nd Vice Chair

Gerard Watson - Treasurer

Nora Yusa - Secretary

Louie Ferrer - Assistant Secretary

Belinda Walker - Assistant Treasurer

Supervisory committee

WPCCU’s Supervisory Committee monitors the credit union’s checks and balances system for accuracy of financial resources and the practice of sound internal controls. The committee is also responsible for working with the credit union’s management team to protect the assets of the membership.

Monique Harrell - Chair

Cynthia Meekins - Vice Chair

Wing Wong - Secretary

Steven Starks – SC Member

Sal Mancilla - SC Member

Leadership team

Barry Roach - President/CEO

Mike Tufegdzich - Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Joanna Oliva - Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Celeste Zibelli - Vice President, Marketing & Financial Services

Bridget Graham - Vice President, Human Resources & Administration

While conducting your credit union transactions that cannot be resolved through normal channels, please feel free contact us through email.