ATM/Debit Cards

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Your life gets easier with a free debit card

All WPCCU checking accounts come with a free debit card, which you can use to get cash from an ATM or use to make purchases and to pay bills. It is so versatile, you may rarely write another check. And we don’t say this like it is a bad thing.

Fight fraud and more

Your WPCCU Debit Card protects your money with an embedded Europay/Mastercard/Visa (EMV) chip that fights fraud. On top of that, purchases made with your WPCCU Debit Card are covered by Mastercard’s Zero Liability protection. 

When the unexpected happens and you need to get a hold of WPCCU right away, we're available 24/7.

Lost or stolen ATM, debit or credit cards: 800-300-9728 or 213-580-1600 (outside U.S.A)