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Credit Cards

Your credit card will likely be used more than cash

The credit card is without a doubt the most frequently used loan type. The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco reported in their 2018 Diary of Consumer Payment Choice research that more consumers prefer using credit than cash when making a payment. Visit their website to see this report.

The credit bureau TransUnion reported in early 2017 that more than 171 million consumers had access to a credit card. At that time, this was about two thirds of all adults reported by the US Census. Visit their website to see this report.

Finally, the Federal Reserve shows that total national revolving debt balance, which include credit cards and other lines of credit, exceeds $1 trillion and is currently growing at 4%+ annual rates. Visit their website to see this report.

Pick the right card and use it wisely.

The facts above show you need to pick the right credit card, one that provides true value and that you use wisely. Your financial well-being could depend upon it. That’s why you should seriously consider the value provided by WPCCU’s Mastercard. Besides competitive interest rates, both the Platinum and Rewards cards add extra value with significantly lower fees, which is a huge source of bank revenue.

Learn how to find the best credit card from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CGPB), an agency of the federal government. To get information on credit cards and credit reports from the Federal Reserve.

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Now is an excellent time to know your credit score, commonly called FICO, since it will determine if you qualify for a loan and it will affect the interest rate you pay. This score is used by the three credit reporting bureaus, Experian™, Equifax© and TransUnion©. You are entitled to one free credit report every 12-months. Check it closely for any errors, which you can petition to correct. It could also help you catch signs of identity theft.

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Lost or stolen credit cards: 800-300-9728 or 213-580-1600 (outside U.S.A)

Useful Information about Credit Cards