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Personal Loan Rates

Personal Loan Products
Effective Date: 11/16/18

Signature Loan

12-60 months 11.90% Maximum amount $40,000
Representative Example: A $15,000 Signature Loan financed at 11.9% APR for 48 months would result in 48 monthly payments of $394
PowerPledge Secured Loan
  12-60 months 3.0% above current dividend rate  
  61-120 months 3.0% above current dividend rate  
    2.5% above certificate rate Up to 90% of share balance. Term not to exceed maturity date. Loan balance due upon maturity/redemption.
PowerPledge Share Secured Loan up to 100% of share balance. Loan balance due upon share withdrawal. Representative Example: A $10,000 Secured Loan financed at 3.10% APR for 60 months would result in 60 monthly payments of $180.13.
Certificate Pledge Loan
  Not to exceed Certificate Term 2.5% above certificate rate Maximum loan amount 90% of certificate balance
Representative Example: A $5,000 Certificate Loan financed at 3.10% APR for 24 months would result in 24 monthly payments of $215.13.

Cash Account Line of Credit
Effective Date: 11/16/18
Daily Periodic RateAPR*
0.0490411% 17.90%
An overdraft protection credit line for your checking account.

Power Advance Loan
Effective Date: 11/16/18
Loan AmountFeesAmt ReceivedDividend RateAPR*Term
$300 $30.00 $270 18.00% 82.20% 60 days
$400 $40.00 $360 18.00% 82.20% 60 days
$500 $50.00 $450 18.00% 82.20% 60 days
Fee plus interest and the term determine the APR for this loan. One payment will be due at loan maturity.


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