Daily Savings Accounts

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Every successful journey starts with a first step

The WPCCU daily savings account is the smart and easy way to save money. With only a $25 minimum balance requirement, your daily savings account allows for an unlimited number of deposits and withdrawals. (Some withdrawal limits may apply.) There are no monthly maintenance fees, making your daily savings account perfect for meeting your financial goals of saving for unexpected expenses or a specific purpose, like a vacation.

Easy = more

Easy equals more, as in easier depositing means you can make more and benefit from bigger savings balances. Take your pick of all the ways you can make deposits into your WPCCU daily savings accounts.

  • WPCCU debit card
  • Mobile deposit
  • Direct deposit or payroll deduction of your paycheck
  • Transferring money from your other WPCCU accounts
  • Bank-by-Phone 
  • At any WPCCU branch office
  • At 5,000+ CO-OP shared credit union branches
  • At 30,000 CO-OP ATMs nationwide including 7-Eleven and Costco. 

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