Property Insurance

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You are covered, big time

You are known by the company you keep. And when it comes to insurance, you are now hanging with a very big insurance company, known as the CUNA Mutual Group. They protect 20 million credit union members as CMFG Life Insurance Company, a corporation with $20+ billion in assets and an 80-year history of serving credit unions and the people they serve.

CMFG developed TruStage Insurance Agency to find you the best coverage from the best providers, through all stages of your life.

Home, condo or rental

If there is a roof over your head, the structure that holds it up and all your belongings within it could be covered. All you need is the TruStage homeowner’s, or renter’s insurance coverage.

And you can save a lot

Because TruStage is looking out for you, they can save you more money than if you were shopping by yourself. Plus, you get 24/7/365 claims service, because home disasters don’t follow a time schedule.

Check out the savings from the TruStage life Insurance Program.