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Savings Accounts

Invest in you

Think of it. Every dollar you save is like making an investment in you and your family. It’s money that can be a basic rainy-day fund, or comprehensive retirement planning. Either way, WPCCU has the advantage as a not-for-profit institution to pay higher dividends than a bank. We help you succeed by having you earn more. Explore all of WPCCU's savings account options using the Quick Links.

Of course, you also have the benefit of deposit insurance from the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the federal government. Coverage includes up to $250,000 on savings accounts and an additional $250,000 for Individual Retirement Accounts.

Easy = more

Easy equals more, as in easier depositing means you can make more and benefit from bigger savings balances. Take your pick of all the ways you can make deposits into your WPCCU savings accounts.

  • WPCCU Debit card
  • Mobile deposit
  • Direct deposit or payroll deduction of your paycheck
  • Transferring money from your other WPCCU accounts
  • Bank-by-Phone 
  • At any WPCCU branch office
  • At 5,000+ CO-OP shared credit union branches
  • At 10,000+ CO-OP ATMs located at 7-Eleven convenience stores nationwide. 

Use the CO-OP locator to find the nearest fee-free CO-OP ATM or shared branch.