Teen Savings

Group of young people

Money is one of those adulting things

No one wants to goof up with their money. No one. Sure, your friends might seem to know about money. And, maybe not. Most schools don’t cover it, where can you turn?

Insider news you can use

Everyone 13 to 17 years of age is eligible for WPCCU’s CU Succeed Teen Savings Club. Club members can use the CU Succeed website to access to podcasts and other high-key resources. 

And here’s another freebie

WPCCU's MyStart Teen Checking account gives you a head start in managing money - for free. There's no monthly service charge, with online banking, bill pay, mobile banking, text alerts and online financial education seminars included.

With a deposit of just $10, your get a free book of starter checks, debit card and free ATM withdrawals at 30,000 CO-OP ATMs.