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Checking accounts

No games, just free

If there was just one account that is core to your financial life, it’s a checking account. That’s why WPCCU has constructed the highest value checking system, with options to fit your needs.

Checking is the one account more banks play “got’cha” with than any other. That’s because they sneak in user fees at almost every turn, including monthly service fees. WPCCU does not play games with your money. 

The power of instant access

Of course, WPCCU has mobile and online banking, giving you the power of instant access to your accounts, mobile deposits, text and email alerts, a history of your transactions and more. The mobile app works with both Android and Apple iOS services, like Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

The comfort of control and protection

Your WPCCU checking account can send you text or email alerts of every transaction made by check or WPCCU debit card. And your WPCCU debit card protects your money with an embedded Europay/Mastercard/Visa (EMV) chip that fights fraud. 

On top of that, purchases made with your WPCCU debit card are covered by Mastercard’s Zero Liability protection. And inadvertent overdrafts can have automatic overdraft protection by linking your WPCCU savings and checking account. Funds in your savings account can cover checking account overdrafts. WPCCU also makes affordable Courtesy Pay available, so your payments are always covered.